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Humidity Getter Sheet

OLED (which stands for organic light emitting diode) are now a common technology in flat-panel displays such as mobile phones, digital cameras, car navigational systems & medical equipment screens.

However, the organic luminescence layer and the cathode are extremely susceptible to moisture and an OLED display shows deterioration due to moisture infiltration over time.

Dynic is one of the world largest producers of OLED Desiccant and our Humidity Getter sheets can be produced custom designs for OEM applications.

Compared against traditional silica gel or paste type desiccants, The HG Sheet from Dynic requires absolutely no bake-out time, allowing your production process to continue uninterrupted.

Besides its high moisture absorption ability, the HG Sheet from Dynic is also easy to install, is thinner than gel desiccants, and is available in reels for use in robotic installation systems.

Dynic HG sheets are available in various sizes, thicknesses and absorption rates of materials. In addition, our HG Sheets are available in both reel and sheet form to allow a variety of production/assembly options.

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