Dynic Global

Care Label Materials

Dynic’s range of care label materials suitable for printing by Thermal Transfer Ribbon is one of the widest available as you would expected from the only company manufacturing both thermal transfer ribbons and care label material.

This range includes coated nylon, polyester and satin formulations which are suitable for both traditional garment & apparel industries as well as new developments in the automotive and aviation sectors.

These high-performance materials can resist moisture, abrasion, heat, fading, will withstand washing and dry cleaning solvents and meet international standards for skin contact (Oekotex) and flame retardancy (FMVSS302 and CAA8/FAR).

Designed to be printed with Dynic’s thermal transfer ribbons, many grades are also compatible with other printing techniques such as letterpress, impact, silk screening, hot stamping, offset and Flexographic.

Garment & Apparel Labels

The traditional applications for these product range was for textile, garments and clothing. Products in this area now need to withstand washing & dry cleaning processes.

Our nylon and satin products in this area continue to be market leaders and now include international standards such as Oekotex for safe skin contact.

Speciality & Polyester Products

Dynic have developed speciality polyester based products that continue to be used in the garment industry but are designed to withstand harsh wash environments such as stone-washing, dye resistance or industrial wash methods.

Other speciality products developed by Dynic include materials with hot-melt permanent adhesives for heat press applications or a self adhesive backing for temporary applications such as point of sales or visitor badges.

Fire-Resistant Products

Following on from our speciality products, Dynic have further developed a number of materials which can be converted into Flame Retardant, Fire-Resistant & Self-Extinguishing Labels.

These base materials confirm to the latest international standards such as FMVSS302 (Motor Industry) and CAA8/FAR (Aviation Industry).

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